Sinus Infections

A chronic sinus infection is a daily energy drain. They can be very serious, as they can spread to your eyes, and your brain becoming life threatening. They can permeate through a bad tooth and cause you to lose the tooth. Getting rid of an infection is imperative!

Your sinuses are thin, air-filled chambers in the cartilage around your nose, sides of your forehead, your eye sockets, and in your cheekbones. If your sinus openings are blocked, infected pus collects in these pockets then pain and swelling occur. Sinusitis is swelling of the mucous membranes found in these chambers. If you have sinusitis you may have difficulty breathing, with your head feeling clogged and achy. You may have pain behind your eyes, throbbing facial pain, a runny nose, and inflamed nasal passages. You may experience post-nasal drip with greenish discharge, loss of smell and taste, indigestion or nausea from mucous overload and drainage. Sore throat, earaches, and toothaches can occur.

The causes of sinusitis may be a fungal, viral, or bacteria infection. These may be triggered by an allergy. A diet with mucous-forming foods, such as dairy, sugars, salty, fried may bring on an infection, and the lack of green vegetables and exercise may add to the problem as well.

Some things to look into to heal from a sinus infection are using an antibiotic nasal rinse like grapefruit seed extract in water. Osha root or Goldenrod tea are gentle anti-virals. To relieve congestion dissolve Vitamin C crystals in water and drip into nose with an eye-dropper. Use a Neti pot with saline to remove pus, and clear clogged passages. Tinctures to consider are Echinacea, and Lobelia. The enzyme Bromelain found in Pineapple will reduce swelling, and is available as a supplement. Propolis tincture will bring down swelling as well. Sinus rinse teas are Fenugreek/thyme, nettles, and calendula.

Getting a daily brisk walk will clear a sinus infection quickly, and drinking plenty of liquids will help. Keep sinus passages moist, with a humidifier, and nasal saline spray. A 20 minute hot sauna or hot bath with 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide, or seaweed will promote healing, and drainage of plugged up passages.

A three day mucous cleansing liquid diet will bring effective healing. To do this you would take a glass of fresh lemon juice and water each of the 3 days in the AM. Then on day one take fresh carrot juice through out the day. Day two add pineapple/papaya juice, or diluted fresh pineapple juice, and on day three add fresh apple juice. After the three days eat only fresh foods and drink 8, 8 oz. glasses of healthy liquids, including broths, herb teas, and water each day for the rest of the week. Have lots of garlic, onions, and mustard in your diet, and slowly add whole grains, vegetable protein, and cultured foods. Avoid starches, red meats, dairy foods, caffeine, and refined sugars for at least three months. Also consider taking Chlorella as a supplement.

Some Homeopathic remedies to investigate would be Euphorbium nasal spray, Euphrasia, and Kali Bichromium.

Long term relief would be to consider Astragalus extract drops, Usnea extract, garlic caps, CoQ10, N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), Beta carotene, zinc picolinate, zinc lozenges, B-complex,  and B-12 sub-lingual(under the tongue). Eat fresh foods as the main part of your diet, and eliminate processed foods. Buy organic when possible, and wash all fresh vegetables and fruit thoroughly before eating them.

Consult with a Naturopath for specific help with education about your health issues.

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